Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody is an extremely difficult area for divorcing or separating parents to face. Parents naturally want to protect the best interests of their children. If you are dealing with custody and visitation issues, having orders that are not only specific but not vague will help to avoid confusion later.

Generally, California law encourages joint custody arrangements where both parents participate in the legal decision making about the general welfare of children and both parents participate in equally raising their children. Frequent and continuing contact with both parents is the general rule and no preference is given to either gender and equality is granted to all types of parents.

Practically speaking, not all cases are identical and not all parents play an active role in parenting. Situations like this and/or situations where there are issues of abuse and/or neglect can play a significant role in what ultimate custody and visitation orders are desired and/or made.

When you find yourself in either of these scenarios, having a law office operated by a managing attorney who specializes in child welfare law and has made their exclusive focus of their office family law and child welfare law will ensure you are receiving the best advice possible.


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