Civil Name Changes

How Do I Change My Name or My Child’s Name?

If you want to change your or your child’s name on government-issued identification documents such as your driver’s license, identification card, passport and/or social security card, you will need to obtain a court order and, thereafter, a certified copy of the decree changing the name.

The basic process will consist of filling out the forms, having them reviewed, making at least two copies of all of your forms and filing with the Clerk of the Court, publishing the request to change your or your child’s name (i.e. placing in the newspaper), attending one hearing and getting your decree changing your or your child’s name.

Can I change my birth certificate after my name is changed?

Yes. There is specific steps that you must undertake to change your birth certificate once an adult or minor child’s name has been changed, however, it is possible.

Does the Court Have the Ability to Deny a Request to Change My Name?

Technically, yes. However, unless you are attempting to change to commit fraud or hide from the police or for some other unlawful reason, it is unlikely.

Can I Change my Gender?

Yes but you do not need, in California, a court decree to change your gender on things like your license, identification, passport or social security card. You DO need to obtain a court order though if you are trying to change your gender AND your name in order to amend your birth certificate.


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