A divorce, or dissolution of marriage, is a legal declaration that a valid marriage is now terminated. In a divorce case, when child support, spousal support, custody or visitation are at issue, even though the marital relationship may terminate some or all of these other issues will survive the termination of your marriage. Once a divorce is final, a person is free to remarry, however, depending upon the terms of your judgment, additional obligations may still follow.

California, is a no fault divorce state which means that neither party is penalized for seeking a dissolution and neither party is penalized for the cause of the breakdown of the marriage. Every person is entitled to terminate their marital status in California, even if the other side does not desire to, and this even now includes domestic partners and/or same-sex couples whom have married.

In a California divorce, the Court, or the parties by agreement, will divide their community property, confirm his/her separate property to the acquiring spouse, determine custody and visitation issues, establish or modify child and/or spousal support, determine attorney fees and costs, if applicable, deal with division of retirements and pensions and divide community property debt.

We understand that no one enters a marriage expecting it to end in divorce, and marital dissolution is often a difficult and emotionally grueling process. However, having a divorce attorney on your side that is caring, compassionate, and experienced can make the process less painful and traumatic.


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