Full Scope Services

This is defined as representing someone from beginning to end, from start to finish, in whatever the legal matter is at hand. In family law, this could mean from the initial petition for divorce through the final judgment of divorce in which you are declared unmarried. If you are going through a legal separation, then it would be from petition through the judgment of legal separation. For unmarried parents, this means from the initial petition to establish parentage through the final judgment of parentage.

With full scope services, the attorney you are working with becomes the general attorney of record for all purposes. This means that the other side’s attorney may not speak with you relating to any issues in your matter, without your attorney’s permission.

Here you would meet with your attorney for consulting and advice, your attorney would prepare your legal paperwork for you, your attorney would attend court on your behalf and speak for you in court, your attorney would propound and respond to discovery if information was needed from the other side to properly resolve your case and your attorney would do all the negotiating with the other side.

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We understand the emotional nature of family law legal matters and the importance of trust in the family
law attorney client relationship. The advice of a good family law attorney
will help you get through this difficult time in your life.