Self-Represented Services

A large majority of society is not in a position financially to hire an attorney when they face the burden of having to deal with the legal system. Other times, you may just simply want to represent yourself but have a few questions. Regardless of which is the case, having some form of legal guidance through this process while you are representing yourself may be useful.

If this is you, our office can help assist clients that are opting to represent themselves by offering legal advice through consultations, pointing you to the correct legal documents you should be using in your legal matter, reviewing documents for you and providing suggested changes, drafting limited documents in your case to ensure it is prepared correctly and even giving you guidance on how to conduct discovery to seek information from the other side or how to present yourself in court.


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We understand the emotional nature of family law legal matters and the importance of trust in the family
law attorney client relationship. The advice of a good family law attorney
will help you get through this difficult time in your life.