Unbundled Services

Unbundled legal services are where you hire an attorney to do a specific task versus for full scope representation. This may include, but not be limited to, the following: hiring an attorney just to consult and provide advice only, hiring an attorney to just prepare your motion or respond to a motion, hiring an attorney to just represent you on a specific day in court, hiring an attorney to just handle your child custody and visitation issues in your dissolution or legal separation etc.

With unbundled services, the other side’s attorney is required to speak with you on any issues that you are not having your attorney specifically handle. Otherwise, as it relates to the specific issue your attorney is handling, the other side’s attorney is legally not permitted to talk to you.

This scope of services is usually best when either you feel confident that you do not need representation in other areas and/or you are on a budget and trying to use your limited resources where it matters most to you.


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